Credo Conversations

Faith into works to free Christ's Church from poverties that bind

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What if Martin Luther in 1517 healed a rift rather than caused one? What would be different today? Why? How?

Submit your answer in its best form and length as a .txt or .docx file by May 1, 2017 to Deacon Patrick (using the email button above) with “Credo Conversations #1” as the subject. We will publish the winners.

Categories: Middle School (12-14); High School (15-18); College (19-24); Adult.

We are unabashedly Catholic, though people of all faiths may submit responses. Answers must be faithful to Catholicism and strive to uphold human dignity. #whatif1517healed

Submission Deadline: EXTENDED! May 31, 2017 (was May 1)

By submitting an entry you give Credo Conversations permission to publish your entry in whatever form we see fit in perpetuity. You retain ownership and right to your workof your work. Credo Conversation is the sole judge of who wins.

Guidelines for submitting a topic for conversation

In a flowing juxtaposition of faith into works, Credo Conversations creates dialogue among Catholic faithful to:

  1. Identify poverties that shackle our Catholic Faith,
  2. Explore actions that promote healing each poverty,
  3. Connect the ideas of faith with the people and funding to build God’s kingdom here and now.